Saturday, August 15, 2015

Day 1 - San Francisco

Tze Shan Monastery

I was so excited to see the Statue from the flight (SIN-SFO, transiting in HKG).

The previous night, a good friend sent me a photo of Goddess of Mercy (on the left) at Tsz Shan Monastery (the construction cost of almost S$400m funded solely by the Richest Man in Asia - Li Kashing). And the following day, I managed to see the Statue (in the photo on the right) when the plane was descending into Hong Kong airport.

It was very coincidental. Otherwise, I won't have recognized the Statue.
What a pleasant surprise!! :))

Watch Godzilla on the flight to SFO.
And yes, that's Golden Gate Bridge at the verge of been destroyed. Somehow, Gold Gate Bridge is so iconic that it needs to be destroyed in many films that has the "end-of-the-world" story-line.

View of SF from the Hilton Hotel. =)

Hilton Hotel & the iconic Transamerica Pyramid

Street of San Francisco

It has been 11 years since I left San Francisco Bay Area. Once a while, I would think about the best year of my life in SF Bay Area, and at times, it kinda felt like a dream (a really good one). =)

Just coming back to SF, I am already very happy. 
So many fond memories of this place. =)

There is no lack of interesting people in SF. 
Love it!!

Chinatown and the iconic Tram.
Shit! I still have not taken the Tram before, a good reason to go back to SF!

Land's End San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge.
It's a foggy day in Summer, so typical of SF. =)

It is a wonderful experience to be traveling with the most important people in my life.
Thanks to our cousin Tricia for being such a great host.
Grateful that we are so fortunate that we could travel together. =)

Mama, Felice & Keena.

Uber is our best friend!!!
We did not rent a car in SF, and so the best way to get around is using Uber. 

I gave the wrong location to the Uber Driver (as shown above). I was still learning how to use it back then. 

1.5 years old Gwendolyn.
Looking happy and this is her first trip overseas.

2009: Perth, Western Australia 
2015: San Francisco, California

6 years apart, look how much you have grown up. smile emoti\

Always love you!!! Hope I have been a good uncle.

The background is uncannily similar.

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