Saturday, August 15, 2015

Day 8 - Las Vegas (rest day)

After more than 1 week of traveling, the tiredness has taken a toll on my father.
He was quite sick that he did not want to go to Grand Canyon.

In the end, I decided to stay back to keep him accompany in the hotel room to make sure that everything is okay. I have been to Grand Canyon twice, so naturally, I do not see it again for the 3rd time. 

Since the journey from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon is long, my sister (who also have been to Grand Canyon) decided to stay in the hotel together with the 2 youngest girls. It's a good time for 18mths old Gwendolyn and 3 years old Felice to rest as well. Finally, they could enjoy their daily afternoon nap in the comfort of the hotel room, and not on the car/stroller etc...

It is a different phase of my life.
This trip is quite a good example, normally in my travel, I could just go ahead and be carefree. 
For this trip, I need to take care of my parents and think about the young kids as well.
In another words, more responsibilities. And that should be the way.

The girls are really happy in the hotel room and running around the corridor.

The rest of the family went ahead to Grand Canyon.

My small wish was fulfilled. =)
Prior to the trip, I imagined taking photo of Grand Canyon with my mum.

12 years ago when I first saw Grand Canyon, I was awed by the view and felt really sad that my mum didn't have the opportunity to see such amazing view, as my family financial situation back then wasn't good. I was literally crying, as I hoped that my mum could enjoy such a good view. Back then, my mum was still working hard as a factory production worker earning meager salary. 

Coincidentally, at that time, a good friend was also tearing as he was sad that his deceased mum was not around to enjoy such wonderful view. We hugged together. Haha.

I am thankful that my mum is still around and is enjoying better life now.
Impermanence of Life is the Truth of Life. 

Be aware of it.

Those of us who have a good fortunate of having our parents. 
Gotta treasure them. 
There is a limited time to repay their love, kindness and care.

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