Saturday, August 15, 2015

Day 9 - Las Vegas

Fortunately, my dad recovered and my family resumed the treasure hunt at the factory outlet.
There are so many discounting vouchers and coupons available online and offline. It is quite confusing, and we had to do lotsa mental sums to decide which voucher/coupon to use.

Online Coupon from Polo Ralph Lauren.

Bought my white Polo Ralph Lauren T-shirt there!!

Around 20 years ago, my friend wore this white polo T-Shirt which costed S$80-100 (which was around my 1 month of pocket money). I told myself that I would buy that White Polo T-Shirt one day too. Early this year, I went to the Ralph Lauren Boutique in Takashimaya (Singapore) to check it out, and the price tag was S$290 (US$210). I could afford it, but my rational mind told me not to buy it.

That's the right choice. As I bought the exact White Polo T-Shirt in the factory outlet for around US$45 (S$63) => 80% discount from the retail price in Singapore!! Needless to say, I bought more than 1 item. =)

More interestingly, how certain things in the past kept lingering in mind?

Poor girls. Felice is obviously tired of watching videos from youtube.
We took turns to take care of the girls.

In fact, half of the purchases are gifts to friends and family members.
It's tiring!!! My mother bought 4-5 bags from Couch as gifts among many other things.

Bellagio Ceiling Glass

My parents with the kids. =)
Went to Bellagio for the Buffet dinner to celebrate Father's Day.


Keena was happy with her choice of dessert.

Gaming tables.

Fountain performance @ Bellagio

Paris Casino

Pretty!! =)

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